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10 Travel Towel Microfiber & Quick Drying Reviews For Backpacker

Best Travel Towel Reviews 2019 - 2020 Doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, you should have a good quality travel towel. Now you’ll think what’s different between regular towel and travel towel. Well ...

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We are Karan Oberoy and Sagar Daultani, living the life of our dreams from Traveller Colic blog. We are knowing very well as blogging and digital marketing since 8 years.
This is where we share everything about our travels and our lives!

Who we are?

Karan Oberoy is an Mechanical Engineer who designed circuits and is now the writer for this blog. Sagar worked in digital media for almost 12 years and is now the photographer for this blog.

In January 2018 we quit our jobs, sold our house and decided to travel the world. we started our own traveller blog for every new travel lover. you can get information regarding travel tips, travel products, travel deal and many more which you Neva seen any where.

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