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Gate 1 Travel

Gate 1 Travel is an international travel agency having 25 centers and offices across the globe. According to our survey, the consumer of gate 1 travel has a very good response rate. Gate 1 Travel is providing tours in all the 7 continents. The most surprising fact about Gate 1 travel is they are doing this form the past 35 years. Sometimes the experience tells us which type of facilities they provide. They now built a personal interaction between their customers and the company. Over thousands of staff across the world can speak the international language i.e, English.

Gate 1 travels provide over every type of essential medium that can make your tour more enjoyable. They provide you with escorted tours, river cruises, and also some special deals for solo travelers. Now they launched a new tour service called Discovery small groups in this package they are giving you independence from the bulky group whom you are going to travel to. Discovery small group contains only 22 people but on a normal tour, there is a group of 24-42 people.

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About Gate 1 Travels

With the mission of ‘More of the world for less’ Gate 1 Travel is providing quality and affordable vacation trips. This company began as a tour operator offering escorted tour experiences primarily throughout Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece and Turkey. From 3 staff members to 400 employees worldwide it is growing company.


Valuing to customer is more important in any business to grow and Gate 1 Travel is doing the same. Every customer review is important to them and it helps to improve their products.

Gate 1 Travel Deals

Gate 1 Travel provides you many deals which save your money up to 50%. Also, it offers you many mor ways to save your money. Let’s, discuss about some amazing deals provided by gate 1 Travel.



So the first deal is a trip of the 10-day

CopperCanyon: Mexico and Tucson.


Basically it’s a divided trip of 2 days in Tucson and 2 days in San Carlos, 1 day Alamos, 1 in EI Fuerte, 2 in Posadas Barrancas and 1 day in Nuevo Casas Grandes.


Other exclusive deals are there it’s a 12-day tour in Kaleidoscope of Scotland. And the other one is 9 days in Tastes of Tuscany.


2 days in Edinburgh, 2 Aviemore, 2 Wick or Thurso, 2 Isle of Skye, 2 Glasgow and Other 7 days in Montecatini.


More deals for travellers in 8 Day Central Mexico with Oaxaca. 7 Day Seattle, Victoria & Vancouver, 14 Day Romantic Italy with Amalfi and 8 Day Classic Ecuador & Amazon Adventure.


2 days Mexico City, 2 Puebla, 3 Oaxaca

2 Seattle, 2 Victoria, 2 Vancouver.

2 Lake Region, 2 Venice or Venice Lido, 2 Florence, 3 Rome, 3 Sorrento Coast or Naples, 2 Quito, 1 Otavalo, 1 Papallacta, 2 Amazon and 1 Baños or Patate.


Another deals 7 Day Essential Costa Rica, 15 Day Classic Spain & Portugal, 9 Day Crown of Ireland, 10 Day Classic Peru – Plan A


2 days San Jose, 2 Arenal, 2 Monteverde, 2 Lisbon, 2 Seville, 3 Costa del Sol, 1 Granada, 2 Madrid, 3 Barcelona 2 Belfast, 1 Derry, 2 Westport, 2 Dublin, 3 Lima, 2 Urubamba, 2 Cuzco and 2 Puno.


Get these deals 9 Day Danube River Cruise – Cabin A or Suite only, 11 Day Tulip Time River Cruise with Amsterdam – Cabin A or Suite only, 11 Day Eastern Danube River Cruise with Bucharest – Cabin A or Suite only, 16 Day Classic European River Cruise – Cabin A or Suite only.


Monarch Governess -Budapest to Passau (March-24)

Monarch Princess -Budapest to Passau (March-28)

Monarch Princess -Passau to Budapest (April 4)

Monarch Governess -Regensburg to Budapest (April 14)

Monarch Duchess -Amsterdam to Amsterdam CABIN A ONLY ( March 26)

Monarch Duchess -Giurgiu to Budapest (May 14)

Monarch Princess -Budapest to Amsterdam (April 25)

Other Deals to Save Money

Travel for Free with Friends and Family

Yes, your read it right. You can travel for free. Travelling with your friends or family give you best experience. But there is one condition. If you have big family or friend circle i.e. more than 10 members then 11th traveler will earn free land services. Isn’t this the best deal?

  • 7 traveling / paying passengers: $100 discount to the group leader
  • 8 traveling / paying passengers: $200 discount to the group leader
  • 9 traveling / paying passengers: $300 discount to the group leader
  • 10 traveling / paying passengers: $400 discount to the group leader
  • 11 or more traveling / 10 paying passengers: Earn 1 free place twin/double occupancy

Refer A Friend and Earn Travel Credits

If you are a past customer of Gate 1 Travel, then trust me you are lucky to get $50 off for your next trip. Not only you, but also your friend will get benefits of it.


‘Refer a Friend’ program is for those customers who have already traveled through Gate 1 Travel. To eligible this program, you must have previously traveled with Gate 1 Travel and the passenger receiving the referral must be a new customer. All you have to do is share your amazing experience and unique travel experience with your friends and family.

Save 5% more

Gate 1 Travel offers you to save 5% of your cash for paying for your vacation by credit card or check. Choose check for your final payment to save 5% off of your remaining balance.  

Book Early and Save big

If you are planning for trip in future, so the chances of booking with best prices and most convenient travel arrangements increase. You will love the decision of early booking when you get convenient flight itineraries with the least number of stops. You can book preferred secured seating. So, book early to avoid any disappointment.  

Feedback Credits

It is only with the Gate 1 Travel. You can earn discount of $25 to any new reservation. You just have to give valuable feedback to their clients which can help to deliver More of the World for Less.


You will receive an email with a link to an online survey. After completion of the survey, a $25 will be applied to your account which can be applied to any new reservation. 

Travel Gift Certificate

Are looking to give the perfect gift? And that person loves to travel? Gate 1 Travel has the perfect gift for him/ her. Gate 1 Travel offers travel gift certificate in $100 denominations. This is truly unique idea to gift.


Gate 1 Travel Certificate allows recipient to choose when and where they want to travel.


As Gate 1 travel is a worldwide travelling agency so as much as the bigger company, it is they have more complaints you get.

Most people complain about the cancellation of packages. If you travel through the gate 1 travel agency and by chance, you got some more important work and cannot travel. So there is a cancellation button available but they charge for the cancellation and you don’t get the 100% money back.So mainly the money is returned in the process of 7-30 working days. I request you to check and check for the confirmation of the tour and don’t take the decision rapidly.

Also, one complaint about their service told by Bambi who booked Spain vacation as a high school graduation present for his son. The trip was scheduled for 8 -22 June and it was purchased for the two people of us for over $7,000 with Gate 1 Travel. With the exception of Fatima, Travel Director, the trip was good.

Fatima is not good at providing very bad customer service and she failed miserably in regional cultural sensitivity.



10 Day Copper Canyon: Mexico & Tucson

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12 Day Kaleidoscope of Scotland

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9 Day Tastes of Tuscany

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13 Day Turkish Odyssey

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8 Day Central Mexico with Oaxaca

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14 Day Romantic Italy with Amalia

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8 Day Classic Ecuador & Amazon Adventure

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7 Day Essential Costa Rica

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15 Day Classic Spain & Portugal

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8 Day Crown of Ireland

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There are millions of happy customers who are satisfied with gate 1 travel and many stories are explained by customers. Gate 1 travel gives everyone to complete their dream to visit the world at the lowest price possible.


One of the customers of GATE 1 TRAVEL shared her review on travel to India:- India was memorable and we admit a real eye-opening experience. We got one of the best tour guides.


Reviews by customer in more important when you decide to invest your money. Your safety also matters when you travel through any agency. Thus, to secure your safety is more important. You can google about Gate 1 Travel review by customers. Also, they are available on Gate 1 Travel official website. 

We will show you some of them.

“An awesome tour company with great trips and great staff including their very knowledgeable and friendly guides!”

Gretchen Bleiler

“Best tour packages, best booking agents, friendly website, best tour managers, best travel experience. We completed 18 tours with them.”

Poornima Pai Bhat


So when you are going to travel anywhere in the world gate 1 travel is the best option. There are both merits and demerits of everything. But if you are going to book a tour then please research it and check all the offers. Gate 1 travel agency is 70% good and 30 % bad. Good for providing services all over the world at the lowest prices.Bad for not giving 100% refund on cancellation.

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