Best 10 Travel Guitar Reviews For The Trip – Buyer Guide [2020]

1. Yamaha GL1 TBS Guitalele

Often we consider a guitar that usually doesn’t fit into a single class, and that guitar is the Yamaha GL1 today. Yamaha markets this instrument as ‘half guitar, half ukulele, 100% enjoyable.’

First and foremost-the GL1 is not a toy. Regardless of the expense cap, well-disposed price, and the way it comes in at about 26″ long, it’s a not too bad little instrument. This neck, which includes a snorkeling fretboard and 18 frets, is somewhat limited, but helpful when you get acclimatized.

It has the beautiful, cheerful and slightly tinny tone of a ukulele, while the projection is, as you might expect. It’s excellent as a teaching device or for simply unplugged exhibits in this way, but it won’t fill a space unless you mix it up. However, at the stage where you are talking about the cost and the scale, we usually can not complain.

  • The guitalele is exceptionally lightweight and simple to use for children.
  • A ukulele, the significantly reduced length of the scale makes it easy to bring.
  • Getting the right tone out of the guitalele is easy.
  • The combination of ukulele and guitar properties creates a mixture of high and deep sounds.
  • According to reviews, this guitar needs constantly tuning, which might be problematic for some people.
  • Also, there’s some insignificant fret buzz on the two lower strings that could slowly hear while playing.

It has a relatively full nut width at 49 mm for such a small instrument. E.g., it’s more extensive than a Fender Strat but tighter than an old-style guitar. In any case, the external strings sit some route into the fingerboard, and there is no enormous space measure at the extension if you find it extravagantly challenging to select a few fingers. In short, however, it’s worth buying this little piece of quality.

2. Travel Guitar, 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

New Anygig Travel Practices Guitar will come very convenient for any later movement journey. This guitar practice is perfect for every case, as it is a guitar type that is momentum based.

This guitar is made particularly for right professional individuals, and it has outstanding nylon strings, so the play ability is strong. Similarly, the length of the ht guitar is 25.5 inches, which is not a lot because you are going to use it on your moves.

Of the package, there is more than one item recalled, such as armrest bone, sound jack, and connection yield, and an essential travel sack conveyor. This teaching guitar intended to work great, and heaps of individuals will use it without intricacies.

It integrates items like the bone armrest, easy travel sack conveyor, and a sound jack for yield.

With the nylon strings 028 to 045, you will get the highest performing practice guitar.

  • The guitar has available designing both for beginners and professionals.
  • The guitar itself contains special features regarding sound tuning and much more.
  • In this guitar, thick nylon strings used for practicing best tuned up music for everyone.
  • A buzzing noise is mildly distracting.

This Guitar is a fantastic choice who wants to buy a guitar for their travel purpose. Yet, at the same time, the content it creates doesn’t want to ease up. This guitar specially designed for individuals who are professional artists and don’t wish to compromise during their practicing while traveling, and it has exceptional nylon strings, so the playability is excellent.

3.  Washburn RO10 Stainless Steel String Acoustic Guitar-Standard

Washburn RO10 is an unbelievable little guitar with incredible sound. Unlike other travel guitars, the travel guitar of Washburn Rover accompanies the adequate arrangement of details. Not only is the Washburn Ro10 a highly evolved instrument, but it also conveys a sound of quality. Despite its small size, its sound is very similar to the sounds of an acoustic guitar of full scale. Moreover, not too loud are the sound and tone.

All pressed in one, and the instrument exudes exceptional highlights. In a box containing a few parts, Washburn Rover Travel Guitar arrives.

This little incredible instrument provides the highest quality sound. It is not sound in a small acoustic guitar that you can expect to discover. The operation is too noisy a component.

A legit Rover Travel form is the smaller than usual acoustic travel guitar. The Wash burn Rover guitar is excellent and short in size with a conservative frame.

The highlight of the Rosewood Fingerboard allows players to transfer their fingertips to all frets. There are 17 full frets along the fingerboard. There are also three other frets of triple duration.

  • The case provides the guitar with ample security.
  • Its cost is very moderate
  • It has an incredibly comfortable and decent scale.
  • They offers a great tone, in conclusion.
  • There is so much action.
  • It needs to be smooth.

Wash burn is a famous and presumed brand of guitar. Wash burn guitars played by mainstream experts in blues, rock, and other classifications. This Wash burn Rover travel guitar has also discovered helpful for beginners, mid-level guitar players, and others who need wants absolute value for money guitar.

4. Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar, Gretsch Travel Guitar

This 3/4-scale spending program to invite guitar is an instrument that will astonish artists of all skill levels and playing styles, at a sticker price of less than $200.

The sound quality from this scale guitar surprised me to the point that I didn’t recognize my guitar master partner, which was $200. It’s sporadic for organizations to manufacture high, moderate 3⁄4 guitars. It’s crazy.

Gretsch has launched the Rex, some of the Roots Series, as the G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top, dedicated to the style associated with this popular acoustic, just as it reflects a moderate value, which makes it possible.

The G9500 is not like a humble guitar, first of all. It also doesn’t seem like a high-quality model, but it is great for an acoustic under $200. It expressed in one of three fresh retro-shading choices, Vintage Sunburst, Vintage White, or Chieftain Red Burst, both of them contain-like, semi-sparkling, and scaling-white.

  • This guitar has affordable Pricing for beginners.
  • Its parlor size makes it comfortable for small stature.
  • Although it has an affordable price, it doesn’t fall out of tune every time you play it.
  • It contains a pinless extension, making it easier for beginners to move strings.
  • The smaller size makes it hard to play for professionals with large statures.
  • It doesn’t have a boxy sound projection.
  • It doesn’t come with a case for starters.

It’s not that appropriate quality, but at under $200, you don’t expect perfection like other expensive ones. But you expect a look, a sound, and play ability better than average, and on these fronts, the G9500 Jim Dandy transmits positively.

5. Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

For Professionals, nylon string players, the Cordoba Mini M is the movement guitar of choice with its small scale size and solid spec.

Its fun, thin U-shaped neck and 50 mm nut width provides a full-size guitar-separating vibe and string. It has a 510 mm scale range and tuned from A to An (ADGCEa). The Córdoba Mini M is a perfect friend for biking, getting-aways, and hanging out at home.

This solid nylon string guitar, this flexible nylon string guitar, accompanies a spruce top, which is very exceptional considering its sticker price.

And bearing in mind that the body size trails standard parlor shape, the neck provides typical playability kindness with its 1.96 “large nut but with a 20.7” shorter scale range.

This movement guitar is, of course, tuned to A, much like many instruments of this size, but it can very well-tuned to standard E tuning with thicker nylon strings of the check.

  • This guitar is light and easy to hold.
  • It manufactured with nylon strings embedded in it.
  • This product is suitable for children and beginners.
  • The guitar has turned quality sound with acoustic guitar features.
  • According to reviews, this guitar not tuned up properly.
  • The design of this product is unbalanced.

This Cordoba Guitar is a fantastic choice for the travel purpose out there with such a compatible price range. This lower than average guitar has an unmistakable, sophisticated sound with a tight, tidy top paired with mahogany back and sides.

6. Martin Steel String Travel Guitar

During a time when people think of Martin’s guitars, they usually think of perhaps the world’s best six-string sound. They also believe that they spend a lot of money. However, irrespective of the far-reaching conclusion, the company’s list contains a range of appropriate quality guitars, and you can rely on them for having the best value for money.

One of the modest Martin guitars is the Backpacker model, a six-string motion with a curious shape, good sound, and a little cost.

The travel guitar Martin Steel String is a great instrument. It is compact and ultra-light mystery makes it so appealing as a movement instrument. It has relatively called because we would believe that it is excellent for walking and for people who are going to spend most of their journeys.

The travel guitar Martin Steel String has a spruce top and is made with solid wood and is so excellent and vibrant. The small body gives shocking acoustics which corresponds to a typical body type.

  • It’s a small size guitar & weighs around 2 lbs.
  • Up until this point, his guitar has an economical option.
  • It has a nearly equal acoustic quality to the best out there.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The guitar is unusual in form.
  • It has an unusual equalization as well.

With this price range, you have this guitar best on the present market, among other travel guitars—these guitars designed to provide comfort and ergonomics, and of course, a full-size six-string punch provided. However, you can’t commit errors with this product if you go out frequently and need to have a guitar nearby. It is the quality guitar that suits you with this requirement.

7. James Neligan LYN-A MINI FI LYNE Series Acoustic-Electric Voyage Guitar

You’ll get the perfect sound quality with the mahogany back, sides, and neck, which will bring in the guitar’s fantastic playability. Also, the rosewood fingerboard is very useful for apprentices or individuals who don’t have the guitar too much. At any rate, this guitar does not just sound well, but, moreover, it is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated travel guitars around.

The overall guitar sound is excellent. Likewise, the materials contribute to the guitar’s general use and character.

Without a doubt, the guitar built to express a stable high price. Keeping in mind that this is a movement guitar, playing on it is entirely appropriate and comfortable.

All elements of this guitar are crafted from the best materials, directly adding to the overall performance.

  • The guitar overall has a compact design and excellent build quality.
  • This particular guitar is capable of delivering quality sound with the help of its splendid performance.
  • The other specialized feature of that guitar is that it crafts up of most excellent material; hence it is durable.
  • This guitar has a small diversification present in it.

The rosewood fingerboard of this fantastic guitar is ideal for apprentices or individuals who do not have too much of the guitar.

8. SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar Portable

There are many fun guitars out there, which designed to knock off your socks. The prevalent trend is especially noticeable in the world of movement guitars, as these guitars are trying to get littler while at the same time attempting to maintain a solid tone. Enter the SX Trav 1 Traveling guitar, in such a large number of arrangements that accompany a box.

At a depth of 2.5, “the body of the SX Trav 1 usually goes to battle to produce a great tone suitable for filling something over a small area, but the projection provided by this guitar is ideal for practicing and playing and about. The wood combination goes some way towards furnishing it with a genuine guitar sound, and, given the fact that it gets a little tinny in the treble, it’s eventual.

  • This guitar is portable hence lightweight.
  • The build quality is so clean and clear so that it is easily playable.
  • It is the type which is built especially for travel purposes.
  • There noticed tuning instability in this guitar.
  • This guitar also has a weak projection.

The explanation for this guitar is not to amaze large crowds or play in front of a massive number of people. It is an instrument that exists for an individual display to played out. It’s a guitar you’re finally playing when you’re in the back of a vehicle, trying to play the great music that radio never seems to have. Generally speaking, this is a decent idea for travelers, but not one of the big crowd entertainers.

9. Traveler Guitar EG1C BLK V2

In this guitar, the regular tuning instrument has replaced with an entirely new and increasingly innovative one. The tuning is encouraged on board within the incredibly lightweight body itself tuning pegs are exposed to a lot, particularly while we are traveling, so this is an extraordinary thought.

Many striking highlights include the V2 earphone intensifier, which takes into account extraordinary quiet guitar practice for a late-night play in an inn, and the Jack plate assistant details encouraging players to attach various gadgets to cooperate with their MP3 tracks.

The sounds are genuinely appropriate, the custom tap pot helps you to burn through smooth tones, raise, overdrive and twist, and its gold Humbucker and cream pickups stand out against its dull mahogany frame.

  • This guitar concludes vast stock variety.
  • This high-end guitar is amazing at sound inspection.
  • This guitar symbolizes durable craftsmanship.
  • They have a variety of low-priced entry-level devices.
  • This product is costly but value for money.
  • The signature styles are gimmicky to some people.

This guitar is an alternative electric guitar, and the company has always understood the framework of its movement capacities at all times. This steel-string quiet guitar is considerably shorter than a typical electronic measured guitar, and the absence of head stock contributes significantly to this. It is also about a large portion of the usual load.

10. Donner Guitalele DGL-1 28 Travel Guitar

Donner Guitalele DGL-1 28 Travel Guitar Ukulele is presumably one of the most reasonable and advantageous suitable trips out there.

This guitar interestingly accompanies a gig bag, belt, additional strings, advanced tuner brace, and tons of different stuff. This genius travel guitar kit will effectively render you fully prepared.

This guitar crafted of the best materials made from wood, similar to mahogany, tidy, and others. Mostly, this little guitar is built for a movement guitar to deliver the most beautiful sound quality ever.

  • This guitar crafted with lightweight style and high-quality construction materials.
  • It contains presumably sufficient and clear sound quality with the capability of tuning compatibility.
  • This guitar as a whole fitted with an entirely consumable package.
  • it has to be tuned more often in comparison to others.

This range of the guitar is perfect for beginner level and intermediate level. It is a value for money buying product which can use as multi-operational due to its adequate sound quality and smooth tuning capability. This guitar comes with all the necessary package, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

 Buying Guidance


Travel guitar should be compact in size. You can’t carry your full sized guitar that’s buy its very important to look for a small size guitar. You can carry it everywhere easily.


Your travel guitar has to face knocking while on trip. So a durable guitar will be perfect and you can use it for longer period.

Noise level

Choose the noise level of guitar according it your needs. If you’re going to use for jamming with lots of musicians then you should select a guitar with good noise level.


Are travel guitars worth it?

Yes, no doubt

Are travel guitars easier to play?

Yes, you can play it easily

What guitar does Ed Sheeran use?

Martin acoustic guitars

What is a mini guitar called?

A guitalele

Can I take my guitar on a plane?



Travel guitars are not different from normal guitars, they are exactly same but you can notice some difference in design and overall weight. Travel Guitar are usually lightweight because it’s dedicated for travel purposes. Hope you like our best travel guitar list.

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